Monday, 26 January 2015

Jeremy Begbie Scheduled to Speak at the Camp House in Chattanooga

Jeremy Begbie, Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School, will be speaking at the new Camp House on Thursday, January 29 at 8pm as part of UTC's LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecture Series in partnership with Theology on Tap of Chattanooga. We are expecting a large crowd, so please register for your free ticket to this event at the Camp House.

Below is the title and abstract of his presentation.

"The Sound of Freedom: The Music of Liberation"

"In this multimedia lecture, Jeremy Begbie will argue that pictures of freedom in modernity have been plagued by competitive, 'zero-sum' models--God's freedom and the world's are portrayed as mutually exclusive. This depends on basically visual ways of thinking about space. By contrast, two simultaneously sounding musical notes do not occupy bounded locations in our aural space, but interpenetrate, while remaining audibly distinct. Using performed and recorded music, Begbie will show that our sense of hearing can help us radically re-conceive and re-articulate a theology of freedom."

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rare Book School Summer Courses

Are you interested in the history of the book? Why not take a spring or summer course at Rare Book School.

The 2015 spring/summer course schedule is now online.

Spring 2015

10–15 May in Bloomington, IN

L-45 Reference Sources for Researching Printed AmericanaNew Course Joel Silver

Summer 2015

7–12 June in Charlottesville, VA

I-20 Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger
C-30 Developing Collections: Donors, Libraries & Booksellers Tom Congalton, Johan Kugelberg & Katherine Reagan
L-25 Reference Sources for Researching Rare Books Joel Silver
G-70 Advanced Seminar in Critical Bibliography Michael F. Suarez, S.J.
G-55 Scholarly Editing: Principles & Practice David Vander Meulen

14–19 June in Charlottesville, VA

H-60 The History of European & American Papermaking Timothy Barrett & John Bidwell
H-10 The History of the Book, 200–2000 John Buchtel & Mark Dimunation
M-10 Introduction to Paleography, 800–1500 Consuelo Dutschke
T-60 The History of 19th- & 20th-Century Typography & Printing John Kristensen & Katherine McCanless Ruffin
L-100 Digital Approaches to Bibliography & Book HistoryNew Course Benjamin F. Pauley & Carl G. Stahmer
G-20 Printed Books to 1800: Description & Analysis David Whitesell

5–10 July in Charlottesville, VA

I-10 The History of Printed Book Illustration in the West Erin C. Blake
B-75 American Publishers’ Bookbindings, 1800–1900 Todd Pattison
L-70 XML in Action: Creating Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Texts David Seaman
B-50 Advanced Seminar in the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
G-45 Analytical Bibliography Stephen Tabor

5–10 July in Philadelphia, PA

H-70 The History of the Book in America, c.1700–1830 James N. Green
M-95 The Medieval Manuscript in the Twenty-First Century Will Noel & Dot Porter
H-105 The Bible and Histories of ReadingNew Course Peter Stallybrass

19–24 July in Charlottesville, VA

H-85 The History of the Book in China Soren Edgren
H-40 The Printed Book in the West since 1800 Eric Holzenberg
L-30 Rare Book Cataloging Deborah J. Leslie
B-10 Introduction to the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
M-70 The Handwriting & Culture of Early Modern English Manuscripts Heather Wolfe

26–31 July in Charlottesville, VA

H-35 Modern Art of the BookNew Course Johanna Drucker
C-90 Provenance: Tracing Owners & Collections David Pearson
G-70 Advanced Seminar in Critical Bibliography Michael F. Suarez, S.J.
G-10 Introduction to the Principles of Bibliographical Description David Whitesell
H-95 Reading Publishers’ Archives for the Study of the American BookNew Course Michael Winship

26–31 July in Washington, DC

H-100 The Eighteenth-Century BookNew Course Mark Dimunation
L-105 Preservation Imaging: Science, Scholarship, and the ArtifactNew Course Fenella France
H-110 The Art & Science of Cartography, 200–1550New Course John Hessler
L-40 Visual Materials Cataloging Helena Zinkham