Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christian Fundamentalism and British Evangelicalism

David Ceri Jones blogs about the final EFB event at King's College, London, that took place on Tuesday 15 December.

On another note, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently posted an interesting interview/discussion with Rick Warren entitled The Future of Evangelicals on their website.

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Lionel said...

Thanks for the helpful post. I’m looking forward to reading the research on this interesting topic. In my view, one significant mistake historians have made in discussing this question with in American Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism is the failure to recognize how Fundamentalism changed very rapidly over time from the 1910s (with the publication of “The Fundamentals”) through the 1960s (with the influence of Graham). As such the terms “Evangelical” and “Fundamentalist” were used interchangeably at the outset of the movement – but as “Fundamentalists” became more militant over time (due in part to changes within American culture), the terms took on very different meanings. When defining the word “Fundamentalist” one almost has to ask “Which decade are we talking about here?” I would be interested to know if this is being considered in the research on the British side . . .