Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Christianity Today Blurb

John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture, wrote some brief comments about Enlightened Evangelicalism in the latest issue of Christianity Today.

Here is the blurb: As with modernity, so with "the Enlightenment project": much handwringing. Meanwhile, as if in a parallel universe, scholars are exploring the relationships (multiple, contested) between evangelicalism and the Enlightenment (or Enlightenments). A case in point is Jonathan Yeager's Enlightened Evangelicalism, which begins with a quotation from Sir Walter Scott. Focusing on John Erskine (1721-1803), a prominent Scottish evangelical preacher and theologian, Yeager tells a story with wide resonance. The full page on the CT website can be seen here, which appears the same in the printed form of the latest issue of the magazine on page 64.

As far as I know, there are only two blogs that have posted comments about the book. One is "Sweeney's Booknotes," a blog started by Doug Sweeney at Trinity Evangelical Divinity Seminary. The second is by David Ceri Jones on his blog. The only "published" review that I know of is by Jeff Suderman on H-Net Reviews. Jeff wrote an excellent book on the Scottish Moderate minister, George Campbell. I hear rumors of forthcoming reviews in the Westminster Theological Journal and the Religion in American History blog. Perhaps other published reviews will appear later this year.

On a side note, I was pleased to see that Enlightened Evangelicalism was (albeit briefly) the top 20,000 seller on yesterday and #7 on the "Scotland" list.

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