Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review Article in Baptist Quarterly

The April edition of Baptist Quarterly has a review article on Enlightened Evangelicalism by the retired Baptist minister and former president of the Baptist Historical Society, Roger Hayden. The article focuses on Erskine's connection with Andrew Fuller, John Collett Ryland, John Ryland Jr., and William Carey, noting new information in the book about these English Baptists that did not appear in 19th century biographical accounts.

The opening paragraph of the review comes with an interesting description of Erskine. Hayden writes:

Anyone who engages in a study of Evangelicalism will come across the Revd Dr John Erskine (1721-1803). He is like Halley's comet, showering the dark sky with bright light and then seemingly lost to sight, soon to re-appear, blazing across the Evangelical world. Erskine manufactures essential scatter-gun ammunition for the whole army of the Evangelical Revival.

Here are two additional quotations from the article that stuck out:

Baptist historians and all who are concerned to understand Evangelicalism, will find Yeager essential and inspiring reading, with many tracks and traces of Baptist concern that will richly reward further research.

...Yeager provides a superb biography which takes into account every aspect in the current resurgence of Evangelical studies.

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