Thursday, 24 May 2012

In the Home Stretch

I'm in the home stretch, in terms of completing my eighteenth-century transatlantic evangelical anthology. I hope to finish a draft of the manuscript by the end of this summer, which would be one year ahead of schedule! But I am already over my proposed word count, having written 175,000 words so far (over 500 pages with close to seventy excerpts), and have yet to include another dozen or so excerpts as well as an introductory chapter.

I have saved the longest works for the end, which I am now realizing may not have been the smartest decision. There are some extremely long volumes that I have yet to go through, including James Hervey's Theron and Aspasio, Henry Venn's The Complete Duty of Man, Joseph Milner's The History of the Church of Christ, and William Romaine's trilogy, The Life of Faith, The Walk of Faith, and The Triumph of Christ. Currently, I am reading John Mclaurin's posthumous Sermons and Essays. I look forward to finishing this project.

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