Sunday, 12 August 2012

Founding Fathers

I have been doing some light reading to determine the possibility of teaching a course on "Faith and the Founding Fathers." After reading about half of John Fea's book, Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? and The Founding Fathers and the Debate over Religion in Revolutionary America, edited by Thomas Kidd and Matthew Harris, I was convinced that such a course would be interesting and informative for students. I find the debate over Washington's faith particularly interesting since in some ways he seemed ambivalent toward Christianity, yet he surpassed the other Founders in his reliance on God's providence.

As far as a textbook goes, I may use the reader by Kidd and Harris or James Hutson's The Founders on Religion: A Book of Quotations. I ordered the latter along with four other  books on the founders and their view of religion.

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