Thursday, 2 August 2012

Who are the leading 18th-century evangelicals?

Who are the leading eighteenth-century evangelicals? Certainly Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, and George Whitefield would top the list. But after that, who else would you name? Mark Noll's The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitefield and the Wesleys is a good place to start for compiling such a list.

Has anyone ever heard of these people: Anne Dutton, Thomas Foxcroft, Phillis Wheatley, Hannah Heaton, Hugh Kennedy, William Grimshaw, Sarah Prince Gill, Samuel Walker, Freeborn Garrettson, James Hervey, Robert Walker, Anne Steele, Thomas Prince, William Romaine, Thomas Haweis, John Maclaurin, Daniel Rowland, William Williams, Henry Alline, Charles Nisbet, Robert Sandeman, Charles Simeon, Lemuel Haynes, and Jedidiah Morse? Even though these evangelicals have been forgotten, they were very important to the transatlantic movement that scholars call evangelicalism.

Are there any other evangelicals in the eighteenth century who have not received their fair share of scholarly attention?


Brian said...

Elkanah Holmes - Baptist minister, chaplain in the Continental Army, missionary to the Six Nations

Exploring the Study of Religious History said...

Thanks Brian. I'll check out Elkanah Holmes.