Monday, 26 November 2012

Early Evangelicalism: A Reader "In Press"

I am happy to report that today I sent Oxford University Press the manuscript for Early Evangelicalism: A Reader. The manuscript consists of 170,000 words, forty-six images, and sixty-two excerpts and introductions from a variety of eighteenth-century evangelical authors. The authors represent a variety of denominations (Anglican, Baptist, Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodists, and Moravians), genres (conversion narratives, devotionals, diaries, history, hymns, journals, politics, revival accounts, satire, sermons, and theology), gender and race. It will be unquestionably the most comprehensive anthology of its kind.

My hope is that scholars and laypeople will use it for courses in religious history and the history of evangelicalism at churches, colleges/universities, and seminaries.

The most significant question I have at this point is: will a second book with OUP secure a good tenure-track job! Stay tuned.

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