Monday, 4 March 2013

In the Spirit of Stackhouse

When I attended Regent College as a graduate student, I remembered attending John Stackhouse's sessions for prospective PhD students. In the spirit of Stackhouse, I have put together a session at UTC for students considering graduate school. Below is our ad.

Graduate School, The Academic Job Market,
& The Life of Young Professors

If you re you considering graduate school in English studies, history, philosophy, or religion, consider the following questions:

What is graduate school “really like”?

What does it take to write a thesis (for an MA) or a dissertation (for a PhD)?

What is the current job market like for academic positions? What does an individual need to do to secure a faculty job in academia?

What is it like to be a young professor, teaching at a university? What does an average day, week, month, and year look like?

These questions and more will be answered on Thursday, March 21, from 3:00pm to 4pm in Holt 307.

The Panelists:

            Brian Ribeiro (Philosophy)
            Talia Welsh (Philosophy)                                         
            Steve Eskildsen (Religion)
            Jonathan Yeager (Religion)
            Michael Thompson (History)
Catharine Franklin (History)
            Bryan Hampton (English)
Andrew McCarthy (English)


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible for you to record this session and make it available here?

Exploring the Study of Religious History said...

That's an interesting idea. I would need to talk to the other panelists first, but my hunch is that some professors would be uncomfortable with being recorded. Let me think about it.