Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Ethical Sublime of Hugo's Les Miserables

Last night I listened to Patricia Ward, Professor Emerita of French and Comparative Literature, speak on "The Ethical Sublime of Hugo's Les Miserables" at Theology on Tap, a ministry of  the Mission Chattanooga.

These talks at Theology on Tap are very interesting and well attended by twenty- and thirty-year-olds in the Chattanooga community. After purchasing coffee or beer, people attending the lecture listen to the speaker for about forty-five minutes followed by a break and then a time of question and answer. I was impressed that the Mission spends very little on advertising (using mostly social media) and yet attracts around one hundred young people to come and listen to an academic lecture.

The organizer of these talks, Cole Hamilton, a graduate of Covenant College, has utilized many of the local academics in the area, including Wilfred McClay of UTC and TOT's next lecturer, Daryl Charles of Bryan College, who will be speaking on the topic of Just War on April 2.

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