Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 1 in Portland

Today is day one at the ASCH spring meeting in Portland, Oregon. I arrived last night and am already acclimated to the three-hour time change. This morning I rode the Street Car to downtown Portland, where I enjoyed an excellent breakfast at Cheryl's and then perused the history and religion sections at Powell's Books. The rainy weather, architecture, stores, and environmentally-conscious culture reminded me of Vancouver, B.C. What a great city!

In the afternoon, I watched a few episodes of Swamp People on the History Channel, before meeting two of my friends who attended graduate school with me at Regent College. I spent the next four hours enjoying the company of my friends and catching up. Unfortunately, I missed the plenary session at 7pm, but arrived back at the hotel just in time to participate in the reception at 8pm.

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