Friday, 12 April 2013

Regent College Summer Courses

Vancouver, B.C., Canada is a wonderful place, especially in the spring and summer. If you can spare a week or two to audit or take for credit some of the amazing courses at Regent College, you won't regret it. Take a look at some of the upcoming courses:

May 13-24:

Hans Boersma: History of Christian Doctrine (THEO 608)
Douglas Moo: The Theology of Paul (BIBL 560)

May 27-31
Phil Long: The Book of Job: Encountering God in the Extremities of Life (BIBL 523)
Susan Phillips: Prayer and the Spiritual Life (SPIR 567)

June 3-14
Paul Williams and Paul Oslington: Christianity and the Political Economy of Capitalism (INDS 583)
Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson: Food: Communion, Community, and Creation (INDS 535)

June 10-14
Gordon Smith: Spiritual Discernment (SPIR 619)

July 1-5
J. I. Packer: 2 Corinthians (BIBL 567)

July 1-12
Lynn Cohick: Philippians (BIBL 676)
Paul Helm: Augustine's Pilgrimage of Grace (SPIR/THEO 530)
Ralph Wood: J. R. R. Tolkien: Writer for Our Time or Terror (INDS 592)
Malcolm Guite: Faith, Hope, and Poetry (INDS 538)
Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson: Technology, Wilderness, and Creation (INDS 525)

July 15-19
Andrew Walls: Six-Continent Christianity (HIST 533)

July 15-26
Chris Hall: Spirituality in the Life and Thought of the Church Fathers (HIST/SPIR 654)
Roger Lundin: Modern Literature and the Question of Belief (INDS 569)

July 22-26
Mary Noll: The Recent World History of Christianity (HIST 591)

July 29-August 2
Bruce Waltke: Light from the Dark Ages: An Exposition of Judges and Ruth (BIBL 615)
Scot McKnight: The Kingdom of God in the Teachings of Jesus (BIBL 514)
Jim Houston: Living Elders in a Dying Church (SPIR 525)
Soong-Chan Rah: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church (APPL 526)
William Romanowski: Hollywood Cinema and the Christian Imagination (INDS 512)

For the full list of summer courses at Regent College, click here.

Also, check out the following scheduled Public Lectures:

May 15: Iain Provan: "The Tea Party, the Taliban, and the Temptation of Power: Which Kind of Society is 'Biblical'?"

May 22: Douglas Moo: "All Things New: God's Program of New Creation"

May 29: Susan Phillips: "Spirituality of Cultivation: A Response to Disorders of Attention and Attachment"

June 5: Alister McGrath: "The Life and Impact of C.S. Lewis"

June 12: Gordon Smith: "Generation to Generation: Passing on the Faith to the Children of the Church"

July 1: Ralph Wood: "G.K. Chesterton and Christopher Hitchens: Old Convert vs. New Atheist"

July 3: Lynn Cohick: "Women of the Ancient World"

July 8: Paul Helm: "Theology: Only Words about Words?"

July 10: Malcolm Guite: "The Word Made Flesh: Christ and the Imagination"

July 15: John Stackhouse: "La Sagrada Familia, El Mundo Sagrado: The Wild Christian Architecture of Antoni Gaudi"

July 17: Roger Lundin: "Tell Me a Story: Modern Narratives and the Search for God"

July 22: Chris Hall: "Creedal Hermeneutics: How the Church Can Help Us Read the Bible"

July 24: David Smith: "Bonhoeffer, Practices, and Pedagogy"

July 31: Soong-Chan Rah: "Tears of Hope and Change: The Need for Lament in a Multicultural World"

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