Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First Day of Research--American Antiquarian Society

I landed in Boston yesterday. The next morning, I drove to the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts where I did research for my next book project, which will be an analysis of eighteenth-century evangelicals and their relationship with publishers and printers.

ThomasPrince ca1750 byJosephBadger AmericanAntiquarianSociety.pngAs I worked, I noticed that I was surrounded by original portraits of key Americans, including John Winthrop, Robert Fulton, and Thomas Prince. I was glad to see the portrait of Thomas Prince by Joseph Badger that is included in Early Evangelicalism: A Reader.

It was a fruitful day of research. I have never been to the AAS, but was impressed with the facilities and especially the helpful staff. One of the leading early American printer-publishers, Isaiah Thomas, founded the AAS in 1812. Thomas had connections (not all good relationships) with several early evangelicals, including Jonathan Edwards Jr., Samuel Hopkins, and Jedidiah Morse. I spent nearly the whole day looking at manuscripts from Thomas and other printers and publishers. I took detailed notes and hope to sort out the information I collected when I return home and can spend the proper time analyzing my findings.

From Worcester, I drove to Hartford, Connecticut (thank goodness for GPS!) where I will be spending the night. Tomorrow, I plan on visiting the Connecticut State Library and looking at some of the estate and legal records of various authors and printers.

More postings related to my research trip to come.

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