Saturday, 15 June 2013

Oliver Crisp Scheduled to Speak at Chattanooga

I am delighted to announce that Oliver Crisp will be coming to Chattanooga to lecture on Jonathan Edwards's theology on Tuesday, October 29 at 7pm.

Crisp teaches theology at Fuller Seminary in California, and has written an impressive number of first-rate monographs in the course of his young career. He has edited or co-edited four books and is the author of seven other volumes, including God Incarnate: Explorations in Christology (2009), Divinity and Humanity: The Incarnation Reconsidered (2007), Revisioning Christology: Theology in theReformed Tradition (2011), and Retrieving Doctrine: Essays in Reformed Theology (2011). 

Since I am teaching a class this Fall on "Jonathan Edwards's Life, Thought, and Legacy in American Religious Culture," I wanted to invite Crisp to Chattanooga to give an overview of Edwards's theology so that my class and the community could benefit from his expertise. Crisp has written or edited some excellent books on Edwards, namely Jonathan Edwards: Philosophical Theologian (co-edited with Paul Helm) (2003), Jonathan Edwards and the Metaphysics of Sin (2005), JonathanEdwards on God and Creation (2012), and After Jonathan Edwards: The Courses of the New England Theology (co-edited with Doug Sweeney) (2012)

Crisp's talk is part of UTC's LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecture Series, but this time I will be partnering with Cole Hamilton, who organizes the Theology on Tap lecture series at the Camp House on the Southside of downtown Chattanooga. During most of the week, the Camp House functions as a coffee house and music venue, but on Sundays it holds worship services for the Mission Chattanooga, an Anglican congregation that I am proud to call my home church. The plan is for Cole and I to combine our marketing skills and offer the opportunity for a hundred or so twenty and thirty-year-olds to come and hear a stimulating talk while enjoying a pint with friends.

I look forward to hearing Crisp and, hopefully, pique the interest of my students to learn more about Edwards.

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