Thursday, 6 June 2013

Third Day of Research--New Haven

I am now at my hotel in Foxborough, Massachusetts, after a two-hour drive from New Haven, Connecticut.

I spent all morning at the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University in the manuscript room, where I looked at the Joseph Bellamy Papers. This is another amazing library at Yale, with engraved stone carvings within the building (see image to the right).

After working all morning, I had lunch with Ken Minkema and talked with him about my project, and asked him several questions that I had from my research so far. I hope that I can return to Yale again next summer to continue my research.

In order to get a head start at the Massachusetts State Archives tomorrow, I drove two hours northeast to Foxborough, Massachusetts, where I booked a room for the night. I hope to spend only the morning at the state archives so that I can return my rental car early, enjoy some sightseeing in Boston before my return flight on Saturday morning.

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