Monday, 19 August 2013

Back to Business

Now that the fall semester is underway, it is back to business. In addition to teaching, I will be working on my next project, a study of the transatlantic religious publishing of Jonathan Edwards's works.

I am going to reread A History of the Book in America: Volume I: The Colonial Book in the Atlantic World, edited by Hugh Amory and David Hall. I took detailed notes the first time that I read this book, but I want to look at a number of the essays again with fresh eyes. I also will be reading J. A. Leo Lemay's The Life of Benjamin Franklin: Volume 2: Printer and Publisher, 1730-1747, to get a prospective of Franklin as a printer and publisher during the years when some of Edwards's works were published, and Mark Lause's Some Degree of Power: From Hired Hand to Union Craftsman in the Preindustrial American Printing Trades, 1778-1815.

For my "fun" reading, I am starting Charles Hambrick-Stowe's Charles G. Finney and the Spirit of American Evangelicalism, which has sat on my library shelf for months.

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