Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Latest Reading List

Wow, the beginning of the semester is almost here! It's hard to believe that summer break is almost over. During the past week I have been preparing for my two fall courses: "Religion in American Life" and "Jonathan Edwards's Life, Thought, and Legacy in American Religious Culture." I'm hoping that by integrating online quizzes into these courses, that I will be rewarded with more time for research and writing during the semester.

With the remaining two weeks before the start of the fall semester, I hope to put the finishing touches on my lectures, do additional research for my project on Jonathan Edwards and transatlantic print culture, and read some of the books that recently arrived in the mail.

My most recent purchases include:

Richard Heitzenrater's Mirror and Memory: Reflections on Early Methodism
Phyllis Mack's Heart Religion in the British Enlightenment: Gender and Emotion in Early Methodism
Emma Macleod's British Visions of America, 1775-1820
Frank Lambert's James Habersham: Loyalty, Politics, and Commerce in Colonial Georgia
Tony Claydon's Europe and the Making of England, 1660-1760

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