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George Whitefield at 300 Conference

I'm happy to see the re-launching of David Ceri Jones's blog. He and his colleagues have put together what looks like a wonderful upcoming conference on the anniversary of George Whitefield's birth. Take a look here for further details. Below is a draft of the program.

George Whitefield at 300

An International Tercentenary Conference at Pembroke College, Oxford

Sponsored by Aberystwyth University, the Manchester Wesley Research Centre, the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, and The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University

25‑27 June 2014
Draft Programme

*This draft programme is subject to change

Wednesday 25 June

12.00pm-2.00pm                  Arrivals and Registration

2.15pm                                  Welcome [Pembroke College Chapel] – Dr Geordan Hammond, Manchester Wesley Research Centre and Nazarene Theological College

2.30pm                                  Opening Keynote [Pembroke College Chapel]
Dr David Ceri Jones (Aberystwyth University), George Whitefield at 300
3.30pm                                  Tea/Coffee/Break

4.30pm                                  Keynote 2
Prof William Gibson (Oxford Brookes University), George Whitefield and the Church of England

6.00pm                                  Dinner

7.30pm                                  Session 1A: Whitefield in His British Religious Context

Prof Grayson Ditchfield (University of Kent), Latitudinarian responses to Whitefield,
c. 1740-1790

Dr Geordan Hammond (Nazarene Theological College, Manchester), George
Whitefield and John Wesley

Dr Peter Lineham (Massey University, New Zealand), Whitefield’s English Calvinist
Methodist Association

                                               Session 1B: Whitefield’s Theology

Dr Ian Maddock (Sydney Missionary and Bible College), George Whitefield: Christian Perfectionist?

Mark K. Olson (Nazarene Theological College, Manchester), Conversion Narrative in the Life and Ministry of George Whitefield

Dr Adam Jortner (Auburn University, Alabama), Whitefield and Witchcraft

Thursday 26 June

9.00am                                   Keynote 3

Prof Frank Lambert (Purdue University, Indiana), George Whitefield and the Enlightenment

10.00am                                 Tea/Coffee

10.30am                                 Session 2A: Whitefield in Scotland

Prof John Coffey (University of Leicester), Sir James Erskine and the Nature of the Evangelical Revival

Dr Keith Edward Beebe (Whitworth University, Washington), George Whitefield in Scotland: Of Friends, Foes, and the Evangelical Divide

Prof Kenneth B. E. Roxburgh (Samford University, Alabama), Satan’s Ape: George Whitfield and the Opposition of the Seceders to the Cambuslang Revival

Session 2B: Political and Theological Opposition to Whitefield

Simon Lewis (University College, Oxford), A “Romish Emissary” and an “Enemy of the Government”: George Whitefield and anti-revivalist allegations of political subversion, c.1738-1750

Kelly Yates (Nazarene Theological College, Manchester), ‘How awful it would be if a popish abjured pretender were forced on the British throne’: George Whitefield’s Response to Papal Accusations and the Jacobite Rebellion

Joshua Bloor (Nazarene Theological College, Manchester), ‘The Ass of Great Britain’: Whitefield, an Easy Target

Session 2C: New Perspectives on the Study of Whitefield

Revd Digby James (Independent scholar), A Publishing Phenomenon: George Whitefield’s Journals

Glen O’Brien (Booth College, Sydney), George Whitefield, John Wesley, and the Rhetoric of Liberty

Dr Stephanie Schnorbus (Western Nevada College), Religion and the Impetus behind Rural School Formation: Berks County, Pennsylvania and the Great Awakening

12.30pm                                Lunch

1.30pm                                  Session 3A: Whitefield in Georgia
Peter Choi (University of Notre Dame, Indiana), George Whitefield and Bethesda College: His Campaign for an Imperial Institution

Philippa Koch (University of Chicago), ‘Our Lord intends to do great things for Georgia’: Whitefield, Halle Pietism, and Transatlantic Mission

Prof Richard P. Heitzenrater (Duke Divinity School, North Carolina), Follow the Money: Whitefield in Georgia

Session 3B: New Approaches to the Study of Whitefield

Dr Jessica M. Parr (Granite State College and UNH-Manchester), Plotting Piety: Map[ping?] George Whitefield and His Contemporaries

Braxton Boren (New York University), Acoustic Simulation of George Whitefield’s Audible Range

Dr Stephen R. Berry (Simmons College, Massachusetts), George Whitefield the Sailor

3.30pm                                  Tea/Coffee/Break

4.30pm                                  Keynote 4

Prof Carla Gardina Pestana (University of California, Los
Angeles), George Whitefield and Empire      

6.00pm                                  Conference dinner

7.30pm                                  Session 4A: Whitefield in New England

Dr Richard A. Bailey (Canisius College, New York), ‘Sinners’ in their Backyards: George Whitefield, Stephen Williams, and the First Great Awakening in the Connecticut River Valley

Prof Kenneth Minkema (The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University), The Sower and the Seed: George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards

Dr Rhys Bezzant (Ridley Melbourne; Jonathan Edwards Center Australia) ‘He Followed Paul’: Pastoral Vocation in Whitefield and Edwards

Session 4B: Whitefield’s Afterlife in Germany

Dr David Ceri Jones (Aberystwyth University), George Whitefield: Preacher or Performer?

Andrew Kloes (University of Edinburgh), German Protestants’ Receptions and Interpretations of George Whitefield, 1740-1856

Maximilian J. H√∂lzl (Cliff College, UK), ‘The Pioneer of Modern Evangelism’: George Whitefield’s Reception in Twentieth-Century German-Speaking Theology

Friday 27 June

9.00am                                   Keynote 5

Prof Mark Noll (University of Notre Dame, Indiana), George Whitefield, Hymnody, and Evangelical Spirituality

10.00am                                 Tea/Coffee

10.30am                                 Session 5A: Perspectives on Whitefield in Literature and the Arts

Dr Brett McInelly (Brigham Young University), Performing the Revival: Whitefield,
Foote, and Theatrical Mimicry

[Dr?] Emma Salgard Cunha (Trinity College, University of Cambridge), The Poetics
of Evangelical Affect: George Whitefield in the Literary Tradition of the Affections

Dr Peter S. Forsaith (Oxford Brookes University), Painter, Portrait, and Pulpit

Session 5B: Whitefield’s Afterlife in Britain and America

Dr Peter J. Morden (Spurgeon’s College, London), Whitefield and C.H. Spurgeon

Prof Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary, University of London), George Whitefield’s Afterlife  
Prof Harold Raser and Prof Joy Raser (Nazarene Theological Seminary, Missouri and University of Saint Mary, Kansas), ‘Song of Myself:’ George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin, and the Shaping of American Individualism

12.30pm                                Lunch

1.30pm                                  Keynote 6

Dr Boyd S. Schlenther (Emertius Aberystwyth University), ‘I am content to wait till the day of judgment for the clearing up of my character’: George Whitefield’s Personal Life and Character

2.30pm                                  Tea/Coffee

3.00pm                                   Keynote 7

Dr Andrew Atherstone (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford), Commemorating Whitefield in the 19th and 20th Centuries

4.00pm                                  Concluding Panel

4.30pm                                  Conclusion of the Conference

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