Friday, 6 September 2013

I'm Sorry!

Recently, a scholar contacted me complaining that I did not include footnotes or endnotes, and an extensive bibliography in my book, Early Evangelicalism: A Reader. I was, of course, disheartened by this email, especially since I had sent this person a gratis copy of the book, which I paid for with my own money!

Perhaps I should have stated more clearly in the introduction that Early Evangelicalism is meant to be a readable anthology that could be used in the classroom. For that reason, I was advised not to add footnotes or endnotes in my brief introductions to the excerpts. I also did not include an extensive bibliography. Instead, I provided a list of books for "further reading" at the end of the volume.

If it not entirely obvious, let me say now that the books in the further reading section do not constitute an exhaustive list of resources that addresses early evangelicalism (books on Methodism alone could have spanned several pages). In its final form, Early Evangelicalism exceeded the initial proposed word length, and so I did not add journal articles or essays to the further reading section. If I did not include a resource on early evangelicalism in the list of books at the end of volume that you think is essential reading, I can only say that I am sorry that I disappointed you. I assumed that students and scholars interested in learning about early evangelicalism could consult any one of the number of titles listed at the end of Early Evangelicalism and find additional books that contain more extensive bibliographies.

For a more extensive list of titles on early evangelicalism, please allow me to suggest that you look at the post, "Book List for Eighteenth-Century Evangelicalism."

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