Thursday, 12 September 2013

More Speaker Suggestions

I am very grateful to everyone who contacted me with suggestions for the LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecture Series at UTC.

Below are the new additions to my running list. I hope to invite some of these people in the next few years. I also hope that those named below are honored by the fact that others have identified them as significant religious scholars and potential contributors to our lecture series.

Thanks again for your help!

William Abraham
Kate Bowler
Joanna Brooks
James Byrd
William Cavanaugh
Darren Dochuk
Michael Emerson
Larry Eskridge
Linford Fisher
Ernest Freeburg
Kelly Kapic
Kevin Kruse
Michael McClymond
Eric Miller
G. Ronald Murphy
Roger Olson
Stephen Prothero
Dana Robert
James K.A. Smith
James Spiegel
Matthew Sutton
David Swartz
Doug Sweeney
Peter Thuesen
John Turner
Kevin Vanhoozer
Gordon Wenham
John Wigger
Lauren Winner
Molly Worthen
Lawson Younger

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