Monday, 9 September 2013

Still Looking for Good Speakers

Many thanks to everyone who contacted me with suggestions on who to invite to speak at UTC as part of the LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecture Series.

I hope to invite some of the following professors, who others have identified as excellent scholars and good public speakers:

Scott Appleby
Randall Balmer
Jeremy Begbie
Jon Butler
Makoto Fujimura
Timothy George
R. Marie Griffith
Barry Hankins
Tal Howard
James Davidson Hunter
Alan Jacobs
Tim Larsen
Kathryn Lofton
Tanya Luhrmann
Martin E. Marty
Alister McGrath
Leigh Schmidt
Randall Stephens
Harry Stout
N. T. Wright

If you have any additional names to add to this list, please contact me. Ideally, I would like to bring in as many religious scholars (broadly defined) as possible over the next two years (or, as long as the lecture series is in existence).


Brian Franklin said...

Darren Dochuk (Washington University, St. Louis)
Kevin Kruse (Princeton)

Exploring the Study of Religious History said...

Thanks for these suggestions. I have had Dochuk on my list, but need to add Kruse.

Thanks again!