Thursday, 21 November 2013

Itinerant Preachers at UTC

The last few weeks at UTC have been entertaining to say the least. Nearly every day for the past two weeks an itinerant preacher has been speaking outdoors at the center of campus (see the Huffington Post article here; News 12 coverage here; Chattanooga Times Free Press here).

Angela Cummings has apparently been a regular visiting preacher at UTC, but at a recent session a student was arrested for protesting her message. On one of the days she was visiting, I went to see Cummings preach, but it was very difficult  to hear her or see past the hundred or so students surrounding her. Now, in addition to Cummings, other preachers have come to UTC to assert their right to free speech.

Below is a Youtube video of Cummings preaching at UTC. Around the seven minute mark is when the student appears who is eventually arrested.

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