Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Busy Week

This is a busy week for me. Today, Lin Fisher will give a talk at the Camp House in Chattanooga entitled, "God is Red?: The Politics of Native American Christianity." This is part of the Theology on Tap series in Chattanooga, working in cooperation with UTC's LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecture Series that I organize for the philosophy and religion department. Next month, on Tuesday, October 28, Kate Bowler from Duke Divinity School will give a talk in this series on "The Death and Afterlife of the American Prosperity Gospel." Stay tuned for information on that event.

Tomorrow morning, I fly to California where I will participate in the biennial meeting of the Conference on Faith and History held at Pepperdine University. I will be giving a talk on "Early Evangelicals, Print Culture, and Their Publics" on Friday, September 26 at the 2:30pm-4:00pm session, and then I will be chairing a roundtable discussion on Friday from 4:30pm-6:00pm on "Evangelicalism in Modern Britain Turns 25: Reexamining David Bebbington's 'Quadrilateral' Thesis," featuring papers by Darren Dochuk, Mark Noll, and Molly Worthen, with David Bebbington offering comments. All the papers, including Bebbington's response, will be published in an upcoming issue of Fides et Historia along with the papers given by Amanda Porterfield, Kelly Elliott, and Tommy Kidd at the previous American Society of Church History conference. The CFH session should be fun, with (I hope) some lively interaction on the definition of evangelicalism.

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