Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Review of Enlightened Evangelicalism

The newest issue of the Scottish Journal of Theology contains a review of my first book, Enlightened Evangelicalism: The Life and Thought of John Erskine. This review marks the sixteenth time that Enlightened Evangelicalism has been featured in scholarly and popular journals.

The reviewer, Tommy Kidd of Baylor University, offered a very thorough summary of the monograph, and highlighted Erskine's dissemination of books to friends like Jonathan Edwards and John Ryland Jr. Kidd writes, "In Erskine, then, we find the evangelical disseminator par excellence in the eighteenth century's republic of letters. Recommending and gifting books was a common practice of Edwards, George Whitefield, the Wesley brothers and other evangelical leaders, but no one went to the lengths of Erskine."

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