Thursday, 27 November 2014

New Reviews of Early Evangelicalism: A Reader

I noticed some recent reviews of my anthology, Early Evangelicalism: A Reader.

Ian McDonald of Birmingham City University in the UK wrote a review in the Baptist Quarterly, calling the book a "helpful new publication" that draws together a number of sources on the development of modern evangelicalism, with introductions for each chapter that are "clear and succinct, and set each contribution in its correct context." McDonald points out that there are several lesser-known evangelicals in the book that supplement the better-known figures of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and the Wesley brothers. Naturally, McDonald highlights the Baptist representation in the book, citing the excerpts from William Carey, Andrew Fuller, Isaac Backus, John Ryland Jr., and Anne Steele.

In Michael Haykin's review in the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, he wrote that the book "fills a definite lacuna" in American and British evangelicalism. Like McDonald, Haykin speaks of the plethora of lesser-known figures in the anthology, including Phillis Wheatley, Samson Occom, Esther Edwards Burr, and the Baptists Anne Steele, Andrew Fuller, and John Ryland Jr. Haykin also notes the inclusion of excerpts from Calvinists, Arminians, and Moravians, showing the broad theological beliefs of early evangelicals.

Finally, Ed Loane of Moore Theological College in Australia, writes a brief review for Churchman, calling the book "a very encouraging read" that "will no doubt find its place as a leading source book for students of the period but could equally be used as an edifying stimulant for spiritual meditation as part of a daily quiet time." I found this last phrase very interesting. If you know of others who are using the book as a devotional, please email me.

Many thanks to professors McDonald, Haykin, and Loane for these favorable reviews!

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