Monday, 12 December 2011

AHA and ASCH Conferences at Chicago

I am getting excited for the upcoming AHA and ASCH conferences at Chicago from January 5-8. In looking over the program, I see a number of interesting sessions. The standout is the Friday morning session, "Harry Stout's The New England Soul after 25 Years." Chairing the session is Mark Noll, with panel contributors Catherine Brekus, James Byrd, Thomas Kidd, and Ken Minkema.

Other notable sessions include the Friday afternoon panel on "Edwin S. Gaustad (1923-2011): Reflections on His Influence," chaired by Grant Wacker and the Friday afternoon session "Habernas, the Public Sphere, and American Religious History." Capping off the conference is the Sunday afternoon panel, "After Edwards: Appropriations of the New England Theology," which is devoted to an upcoming book (Oxford University Press) on the legacy of Edwardsean theology, edited by Doug Sweeney. I look forward to seeing this book in print !

Jonathan Yeager

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