Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Review of Enlightened Evangelicalism in History Scotland

There is a new review of Enlightened Evangelicalism in the January/February 2012 issues of the magazine, History Scotland.

Here is the opening paragraph of the review:

Jonathan Yeager's life of John Erskine is an informative and well argued account of one of Scotland's neglected 18th-century ministers. A leading intellectual figure in his day he took issue with the Moderates over patronage, and opposed Catholic toleration, but was an active supporter of American liberty. Yeager's book makes a welcome change from the portrayal of orthodox Scottish Calvinists as ignorant fanatics, and his book recognizes that evangelical ministers could participate fully in Scotland's intellectual life while nonetheless adhering to a more conservative form of the Enlightenment. He demonstrates how Erskine embraced the pulpit style and rhetoric of the Moderate Enlightenment while remaining firmly committed to orthodox Calvinist theology.

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