Thursday, 9 May 2013

Upcoming ASCH Panels

Today, I received the good news that two panels that I am involved with have been accepted for the upcoming winter meeting of the American Society of Church History at Washington D.C. (January 2-5)

The first panel is entitled, "Evangelicalism in Modern Britain Turns 25: Reexamining David Bebbington's 'Quadrilateral' Thesis." Charlie Phillips and I organized the panel to explore the contribution that Bebbington's 1989 Evangelicalism in Modern Britain has made in terms of defining evangelicalism. Tim Larsen of Wheaton College will chair the session. Kelly Cross Elliott at Abilene Christian University will explore the adaptability of the quadrilateral thesis on global Christianity, Tommy Kidd of Baylor University will look at a possible missing link in Bebbington's thesis on the role of the Holy Spirit, and Amanda Porterfield of Florida State University will offer a critique of the quadrilateral thesis in its heavy emphasis on doctrine. The final word will be given to Bebbington as he responds to each of the panelists. It should be a great session!

The second panel is entitled, "Printing Evangelicalisms: Evangelical Book Culture Across Three Centuries." Keith Grant, a Phd student at the University of New Brunswick, organized the panel, bringing together three panelists to talk about evangelical print culture in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, with Catherine Brekus of the University of Chicago's Divinity School as the chair and respondent. Here are the titles of the papers:
  • Jonathan Yeager, "The Role of Samuel Kneeland and Daniel Henchman as Jonathan Edwards's Chief Printer and Publisher at Boston"
  • Keith Grant, "Reading the Evangelical Atlantic in Nineteenth-Century Nova Scotia"
  • Daniel Vaca (Princeton University Visiting Fellow), "Book Bound: The Paradox of Fundamentlist Biblicism"
Many thanks to Keith Grant for organizing this second panel.

Wow, now I really feel overwhelmed with the projects that I need to tackle this summer!

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