Friday, 18 October 2013

Regent College Summer School Courses

A draft of the 2014 Regent College summer school classes is now available to view. Take a look here or below. I've highlighted some notable courses in red.

If you have never taken a course at Regent College, you should consider auditing or taking for credit any one of the many outstanding summer school sessions that are offered. It is wonderful to visit Vancouver any time of the year, but the city is at the peak of its beauty in the summer.

Summer Programs 2014

Spring Session

Weeks 1 & 2: MAY 12–23, 2014

May 12–23          Old Testament Foundations BIBL Iain Provan  
May 12–23         Living with Beastly Empires: The Book of Daniel BIBL Iain Provan
May 12–23 The Anglican Heritage: History and Theology HIST/THEO J.I. Packer
May 12–23 Mapping Gender HIST Sarah Williams
May 12–23 God's Faithful Character: The Key to the New Testament's Use of the Old BIBL Rikk Watts
May 12–23Transformation the Gospel Way: A Study in Philippians Ross Hastings

Week 3: MAY 26–30, 2014

May 26–30 Fostering a Scriptural Imagination for the Arts INDS Jeremy Begbie
May 26–30 God is Light, God is Love: Major Themes in John's Letters BIBL Karen Jobes
May 26–30 Restoring Story in Worship APPL/INDSJeff Barker
May 26–30 The Folly and the Ivy: A Critical Consideration of Christmas HIST Gerry Bowler
May 26–30 God, Money, and the Rise of the Prosperity Gospel HISTKate Bowler
May 26–30 How Do I Help a Hurting Friend? APPL Rod Wilson

Week 4 & 5: JUNE 2–13, 2014

June 2–6                 Paradise Lost: The Poet, the Cosmos, and the Problem of Evil INDS Dennis Danielson
June 2–6 With Skillful Hands and Integrity of Heart: Leadership Lessons from David APPLMark Buchanan
June 2–13 "What is Man?": Key Themes in the Theology of Being Human THEO Paul Helm 
June 2–13 Jesus in Celluloid INDSIwan Russell-Jones
June 9–13 The Virgin Mary: Art and Theology over Two Millennia INDS Matthew Milliner     
June 9–13 Conversion and Transformation SPIR Gordon Smith
June 9–13 Google, Government, and the Rise of the Information State INDS David Lyon

Summer Session

Weeks 1 & 2: JUNE 30–JULY 11, 2014

June 30–July 4 Valuing More than What Counts: The Ethics of Filmmaking INDS John Stackhouse and Ralph Winter
June 30–July 4 The Whole Gospel: Mission Out of a Radical Evangelical Matrix APPL Ruth Padilla DeBorst    
June 30–July 4 Taking Your Soul to Work: Experiencing God in the Marketplace APPL/SPIRPaul Stevens
July 7–11 Finding Liberty: The Christian Roots of the Modern Conscience INDS Dominic Erdozain
July 7–11 Five Traditions and Practices of Prayer SPIRBruce Hindmarsh and Steve Bell
July 7–11 Releasing the Church for Integral Mission APPL Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Weeks 3 & 4: JULY 14–25, 2014

July 14–18 War of the Worldviews: Science and Faith in the Twenty-First Century INDS John Lennox 
July 14–18 The Book of Exodus: From Slavery to Freedom BIBLKeith Bodner
July 14–18 Homosexuality: Principal Ethics, Pastoral Implications, and Public Policies INDSJohn Stackhouse
July 14–25 History of New Testament Interpretation BIBL Robert Yarbrough
July 14–25 Contemplative Listening SPIR Susan Phillips
July 14–25 Thinking Theologically about Culture INDS/THEO Richard Mouw
July 14–25 How to Read Non-canonical Gospels BIBLMarkus Bockmuehl
July 21–25 Portraits of the Prophets BIBLKeith Bodner
July 21–25 The Theological Ramifications of Western Music INDS Daniel Chua

Week 5: JULY 28–AUG 1, 2014

July 28–Aug 1 The Principles of Culture Care INDS Makoto Fujimura
July 28–Aug 1 Leading Well in Demanding Times APPL/INDS Peter Shaw
July 28–Aug 1 Misreading Scripture: Lessons from The Scarlet Letter INDSMarilyn McEntyre
July 28–Aug 1 Gaining the Whole World: The Ambiguous Success of American Evangelicalism HIST George Marsden & Bill Svelmoe
July 28–Aug 1 Christianity and the Book: When Theology Meets Technology INDS Alan Jacobs
July 28–Aug 1The Place of Law in God's World INDSRobert F. Cochran


June 30–Aug 15 Introductory New Testament Greek I & II LANG TBD
June 30–Aug 15 Introductory Old Testament Hebrew I & II LANG TBD

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